Friday, June 20, 2014

Student bloggers in other states

Remember the post where I talked about the class from Hawaii?(If you don't my blog puts the new posts at the top, just so you know.) Well this post is about them and a class from Iowa!!! Here are the links to their blogs:

Ms. Felton’s Class blogs:


To get a good grade on this post I need to reflect upon the fact that students around the country are actively reading and commenting on me and my classes blogs, so here goes: I think that it is amazing what technology can do considering that one class is in Hawaii and we are in New York. Now I have. Ciao? I guess I have to finish my teachers orders in order to get a good grade so I'm just going to ramble on about what I'm so posed to do so I'm going to say Ciao here and just add a P.S. Ciao! 
P.S. I do not have any questions for the other students other than that I would like to know more Hawaiian vocabulary. I actually haven't had any comments from them and their school year has ended already so I'll be getting them next year probably. I hope to learn what 5th grade is like for their comments. They probably know everything I know so I don't think that they will learn much from my posts. To me it feels great to have people on the other side of the country reading my blog. Ciao!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hawaian vocabulary!!!

Hey! Today me and my class have to write about Hawaian vocabulary. So, here goes:

    • A'ole Piliki'a ....No problem!  
    • I lå maika'i!  Have a great day!

That's all my teacher put in the vocabulary document. Sorry. ): We are collaborating with students from Hawaii( More on that in another post. (: ) and we wanted to find out about their vocabulary. We have learned how to speak another language. I would like to know more phrases though. For example I'd like to know how to say "How do you do" in Hawaian. I don't really have any more to write about so, Ciao!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The testing season is upon us

Hey. I am doing yet another guided post. This time however it is about the ELA tests. Me and my class must write about how we feel about them. I feel that wile the test is to see what we've learned I think they could just check our grades to determine how we've learning. A lot of people are against the ELA. I not against it but I feel that it IS a bit of a wast of time. In the comments write what you think about the ELA. Ciao!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


This is a blog post about me. I made it on my computer that is older than the earth itself. Please watch.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

About this post...

About this post... it does NOT contain a comic that I drew. It would take too long to load a comic I drew from a phone. So instead here is ANOTHER Calvin and Hobbes comic:

So this is another sample comic strip. This is NickK signing off! Ciao!

Monday, January 27, 2014

My audience

Today a person from Germany(according to my stats) looked at my blog. :)  As I become a more frequent blogger I hope to find a larger audience. Also I would like to tell you that from now on I would like to add my own comics and have you read them. This is a sample comic:
A sample comic for my blog.

Well thats all for now. Ciao!


At my school(P.S.10) we are having a hoedown. It happens February 8th at 3:30. There will be:

  • A LIVE caller with a fiddle.
  • Baked goods.
  • lemonade
  • Chips
  • And hoedown dancing!!
The address is: P.S.10 on 511 7th ave. Brooklyn. PLEASE COME!!!